Men Are Family Caregivers, Too

When we think of family caregivers, most of us likely picture an older woman caring for a spouse or an adult daughter tending to her parents. While it is true that female caregivers still outnumber men, the gap is smaller … Continued

Assisted Living Costs Stabilize

Charges for assisted living and skilled nursing have stabilized over the past year, whereas charges for home care rose the most quickly among categories measured by Genworths2019 Cost of Care Survey, the results of which were announced Wednesday. Genworth described … Continued

Funding Sought For Fall Prevention

This article shows an effort to help prevent falls among older people. Federal lawmakers should consider changes to Medicare and turn to nursing facilities for expertise when addressing the growing incidence of fall-related injuries in seniors, according to LeadingAge. The … Continued

Diet and Aging

Frequent exposure to unhealthy foods impacts spatial memory, study finds Junk food consumption may cause spatial memory loss that worsens as poor-diet days add up, a recent animal study has found. Rats were fed a diet alternating between foods high … Continued

What Is Homecare?

What is Homecare? A personal care/private duty homecare agency provides services that do not require a licensed professional or a physician’s prescription. A homecare worker can help a person with activities of daily living (ADLs) like remembering to take medications, … Continued

Going To a Nursing Home

Elder Law: Married and concerned about one of you going to a nursing home? At $126,420 a year ($342.58/day), which is now the Pennsylvania statewide cost for nursing home care, were talking some real money. And that sets up some … Continued

How to Prevent UTIs Before They Attack

Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Dementia Weve made it our mission to educate caretakers both professional and in the home that urinary tract infections can cause dementia-related symptoms that worsen if undiagnosed. In long-term care facilities, UTIs account for the … Continued