How to Prevent UTIs Before They Attack

Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Dementia Weve made it our mission to educate caretakers both professional and in the home that urinary tract infections can cause dementia-related symptoms that worsen if undiagnosed. In long-term care facilities, UTIs account for the … Continued

Eligibility For Medical Assistance

Elder Law Guys: What’s a single person to do about eligibility for Medical Assistance? Recently, we wrote about eligibility for medical assistance requirements for long term services and supports available to married couples. That evoked a number of emails and … Continued

The CNA is Essential

Celebrating the CAN, er, CNA Gary Tetz Heres how youll know Im sincere in my desire to celebrate some of long-term cares most uncelebrated people. Im willing to spend the next two hours trying to get the Word program to … Continued

Long-Term Care Insurance- Are Tax Breaks Coming?

The Trump Administration Is Looking At Tax Breaks And Other Ways To Boost Private Long-Term Care Insurance The Trump Administration is (very quietly) looking at ways to reinvigorate the flagging private long-term care insurance market. The recommendations are expected to … Continued

Continuing Care Retirement Community: Selecting

In recent years, many attractive options for retirement living have emerged. One popular option is the continuing care retirement community, or CCRC. This type of community is different from other housing and care options for older people because it offers … Continued

Quality of Life for Seniors

White House Report Identifies Emerging Technologies to Enhance Quality of Life for Seniors Recently, the White House released a new report, Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population, identifying innovations that have the potential to improve quality of life for … Continued

Elder Law Guys: Do I need a trust?

Do I need a trust? Shared from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette January 28, 2019 9:30 AM By Julian Gray and Frank Petrich Probably the most frequent initial comment made by new clients is, I think I need a new will. For someone … Continued